Dumpster(s) Rental Agreement:

Thank you for choosing Long's Trash Hauling for your dumpster(s) rental needs. Please read the rental agreement and sign it to acknowledge you have read it in its entirety and understand what is not authorized to be put in the dumpster(s). 


Customer certifies that they are either the property owner, has power of attorney for the property owner, or is the licensed contractor/broker for the property.


Customer may not under any circumstances sublet the dumpster(s) out for any reason. 


Customer is fully responsible for the total weight and the entire contents of the dumpster(s) and is the rightful owner of the dumpster(s) contents until the dumpster(s) are dumped and the contents are accepted by the disposal facility. 

You as the customer are responsible for scheduling the removal/pick up of the rented dumpster(s). As well as being responsible for ensuring the dumpster(s) do not get overloaded. 


Damage - Customers should inspect the dumpster(s) upon delivery for any existing damage and let the driver know of any damage that is found. If the dumpster(s) is damaged while in the customer’s possession, Longs Trash Hauling has the right to charge the customer, to have repairs done to fix the damage or to have a new dumpster(s) built to replace the damaged one(s) if repairs cannot be made.


Price - Customer agrees to rent a dumpster(s) from Longs Trash Hauling according to the prices and fees set forth at the time of rental. These prices do not include an additional charge of 3% for credit card processing fee. The rental period begins the day and time the dumpster(s) is dropped off, unless otherwise granted by Longs Trash Hauling. 


Cancelations/Refund there will be a non refundable cancelation fee of $25 if a dumpster is canceled after payment has been processed. 


Payment - Payment is required at the time of reservation for the initial dumpster(s) rental by debit/credit card. Longs Trash Hauling will keep the customer's credit card on file to charge any fees that may be incurred, until the account is paid in full. Including but not limited to dry runs, weight over the allowed tonnage, damage to dumpster(s), overflowing dumpster(s), extra charges at disposal facility. 


Lead Time - We would appreciate at least 1 day heads up/lead time for dumpster(s) rentals, as we cannot guarantee same day service.


Rental period - Dumpster(s) rental is for 5 days, any additional days on your rental period will be billed at $40 per day, starting on the 6th day until the dumpster(s) is picked up. The customer is responsible for letting Longs Trash Hauling know when the dumpster(s) is ready for pick up. 


Permission The customer gives Long's Trash Hauling permission to enter the property/job site. As well as guarantees the property/job site is sufficient to bear the weight and size of the dumpster(s). Also that it is safe to leave the dumpster(s) on site.


Property Damage - Customer acknowledges that Longs Trash Hauling shall not be held liable for any damage to any driving surfaces (pavement or any other road surface material, lawns, fences, shrubbery, septic system, private well, or any other form of property damage) resulting from Longs Trash Hauling trucks serving dumpster(s) on the agreed upon areas and the surroundings. Every effort will be made by the Longs Trash Hauling to prevent property damage. Longs Trash Hauling has the right to refuse to place the dumpster(s) on site if they feel damage may occur and/or is unsafe to leave the dumpster(s). 

Relocating Dumpster(s) - Customer acknowledges that they are not allowed to move the dumpster(s) in any way with anything, including but not limited to personal equipment, personal vehicle or a third party’s equipment or vehicle. If the dumpster(s) needs to be relocated or repositioned on the property, please give Longs Trash Hauling a call and we can come out to relocate the dumpster(s) for a $120 fee. 


Certified Load - If the dump receipt needs to be stamped "certified C&D" per cal recycle requirements, please let Longs Trash Hauling know at time of scheduling the dumpster(s) rental. There would be a $5 per ton fee to have the receipt "certified C&D" stamped. (price subject to change)


Permits - Customer is responsible for obtaining any and all necessary permits and paying all associated fees that may be incurred in conjunction therewith. This includes road/street permits for having dumpster(s) placed in the public roadway. In Sac County this costs roughly $110 and could take up to 10 days to receive the permits. Permits need to be acquired before the dumpster(s) can be delivered.


Dry Run - Customer agrees to provide unobstructed access to the dumpster(s) on the day it is scheduled for pick up. If Longs Trash Hauling happens to be onsite to pick up or drop off a dumpster(s) and cannot, due to objects being in the way, there will be a dry run charge of $80 per trip. This includes but not limited to trash, debris, vehicles, equipment, ground too muddy, overflowing dumpster, over weight limit, and canceling pick up once the driver has left the yard.


Wait time on site – If Longs Trash Hauling gets on site and the dumpster(s) is not ready for pick up or the spot where the dumpster goes is not ready for any reason, and has to wait for over 20 minutes, there will be a wait time fee of $2.50 per minute over 20 minutes.  


Consequences of Violating Regulations - In the event that contents that are not authorized by this contract or any Federal, State, or City agency are disposed of in the dumpster(s), the customer is fully responsible for any and all associated charges. This includes but not limited to disposal cost, fines, penalties legal fees and other actions taken for said disposal. 

Legal - Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Longs Trash Hauling from, against and in respect to any and all claims, losses, expenses, damages, obligations and liabilities (including costs of collection and reasonable attorney’s fees) of any kind or nature whatsoever, including any misrepresentation, breach of warranty, or non-fulfillment of any representation, warranty, covenant or agreement of or by Customer in this Agreement. This provision shall survive the termination of this Agreement. 


Additional tonnage - The dumpster(s) was quoted with 1.25 tons/2,500 lbs included. If that weight has been exceeded, the customer will pay an over tonnage/weight fee at a rate of $95 per ton. 


Overload Weight - The dumpster(s) cannot exceed 2.5 tons/5,000 lbs at any given time. If the weight is exceeded the customer will pay an overload weight fee at the rate of $100 per ton. This will also be on top of the $95 per ton over tonnage weight fee mentioned above. If for some reason the dumpster(s) is too heavy and cannot be loaded on to the truck safely, it is the customer’s responsibility to remove enough contents to make it safe to load on truck and be road worthy. 


Loading Instructions - Please carefully read the following loading instructions:

    A) It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure there is no debris stacked above/over the top of the dumpster(s). The tarp must be able to roll completely over the top without any obstructions. If Longs Trash Hauling has to throw stuff off or move stuff to safely drive down the road the customer will be charged a $60 fee. If the dumpster(s) is unsafe to be driven down the road or it cannot be leveled out the customer will be charged a dry run charge. The customer then will be responsible for leveling out the dumpster(s) and fixing the issue before the dumpster can be rescheduled for pick up. 

B) The back doors must be closed and secured before the dumpster can be picked up. If trash is overflowing out the back because the door was not secured there will be either a cleanup charge of $60, or a dry run charge will be applied.  

    C) Load the dumpster(s) evenly and not all heavy items on one side or all in the back of the dumpster, as it could damage the truck/dumpster(s) as well as tip the dumpster(s) over.


Multiple Dumpster(s) - If there is a 2nd dumpster(s) ordered and it’s a swapped out meaning bring an empty one and taking a full one at the same time, there is a $20 discount on 2nd dumpster(s) rental. 


Compaction with Equipment - Do not use equipment of any kind to compact the debris in the dumpster(s). Do not hire a crushing service to compact the dumpster(s). Any damage to dumpster(s) will be billed to the customer. 

Items not Authorized - Customer agrees not to put any waste that is or contains liquid, radioactive, volatile, corrosive, highly flammable, explosive, biomedical, biohazards, infectious, toxic, and/or any hazardous wastes. Hazardous waste includes but not limited to: household cleaners, garage chemicals, paint, florescent tubes/light bulbs, oil, antifreeze, car batteries, and asbestos.

These below items are not authorized to be put in the dumpster(s) due to weight or disposal facility restriction but Longs Trash Hauling can haul these items away with our trash hauling business at a cheaper rate: 

  • SHINGLES    
  • DIRT     
  • STUCCO     
  • CEMENT   
  • BRICK      
  • TILE  

Extra Charges - Due to disposal sorting facility fees the items below will have a minimum of $20 per item charge if put in the dumpster. Prices are subject to change. These items can be hauled by our trash hauling business at a cheaper rate. Any items that require an extra fee at the disposal facility will be billed to the customer. These items include:

  • TIRES    

Source Separated loads – Dumpster(s) rental rates will be reduced to $430 per dumpster(s) if it’s clean and separated loads, all other fees still apply. If for some reason the disposal facility says the load is contaminated (not clean) the dumpster(s) then will be billed at the normal dumpster(s) rental rate of $470. Examples of clean loads are:

Clean wood: construction wood, pallets, fencing (no paper, no paint, no pressure treaded wood, and no large pieces of metal)

Brush: tree trimmings, wood chips, (no logs over 12”, and no palm fronds) 

Metal: scrap metal (tin) but NO appliances (washers, dryers, fridge, hot water heater, microwaves, also no oil or gas in things like mowers)(auto transmission and motors need oil pans removed)

Cardboard: does not have to be broken down


By signing, I the customer acknowledge that I have read and agree to the terms listed in the entirety of the rental agreement and authorize Longs Trash Hauling to run my card for any and all fees acquired.

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